On life's journey we are constantly faced with questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I be a better person (spouse, parent, student, etc)? How do I deal with this, face that, trust, choose, get over, move on? Oh, the questions! Some hard, some simple, some sad, some funny. Questions that need decisions and decisions that would benefit from more than our own sight.

When it comes to all those questions we believe a few things:
One. These questions, navigated on their own, can be difficult and daunting
Two. When Jesus invites us to journey with Him, we can trust that these questions can be answered and won't have to be navigated alone.
Three. There are people who would love to join you because, like you, they are on a journey and could use the company.

We would love to talk to you about ways to connect at Journey of Grace.

I would love to connect. Tell me how!

We believe that one of the most enriching parts of this journey is when pause long enough to be of service to someone else on theirs.  While offering our time and energy does require something of us, we are convinced that what happens to us and in us is often a far greater boost to our faith than we could have imagined!

We all have gifts and talents and figuring out how we can use them to benefit others can be an exciting adventure. We would love to help you begin!

I would like to hear about opportunities to serve!
Some people ask, “why should we be baptized?” The answer is quite simple: Jesus instructed us to be baptized. Baptism is an expression of our faith and declaration that we are a part of God's family. It declares that Christ brings new life and a new beginning. It is our way of saying “the grace of Jesus has made all the difference in my life.” Baptism is a “sacrament” or sacred practice for Nazarenes, meaning it is an outward sign of God’s grace in our life. Jesus himself went through baptism and called for his disciples to be baptized.
Here are three important truths about baptism:

Baptism is a FAMILY thing.
The Church is like a family. Our identity is wrapped up in the family to which we belong. Baptism is a starting point in our relationship to the family. Some people have described it as an initiation into the family. It declares we now identify with God’s family through the grace of Jesus. A person is not baptized into a local church or denomination; rather, they are baptized into Christ and His universal Church. For that reason, we recognize baptism from other churches.

Baptism is a GRACE thing.
Baptism is a celebration of the GRACE of God that leads to salvation. It is the GRACE of God that pursues us when we are far from God’s way. It is by the GRACE of God that we are able turn from our selfish way and accept the offer of forgiveness and new life. It is the GRACE of God that enables us to experience a life pleasing to God through the power of His Holy Spirit. Sometimes you will hear baptism described as a “means” of GRACE. In an amazing way, when we celebrate God’s GRACE in baptism, the GRACE of God is made even more real to us!

Baptism is a WATER thing.
Throughout history water has been a way for folks to get clean. Water is a powerful symbol of the cleansing work of God. Jesus used the metaphor of water to describe a clean, new life. In another way the Bible teaches us to think of baptism as a celebration of the resurrection. Jesus has overcome death and been raised to life. Now he offers people the same opportunity. We have new life in Jesus!
We are convinced that baptism is the best way to declare your faith in the grace of God and an important step in your journey with Jesus and the church.
If you would like to be baptized, let us know!

I want to be baptized!
We believe that giving is a way to show that we trust God with our lives and our finances. It is not that God needs our money; He already owns everything. Giving is an act of worship and an expression of faith that helps us keep our priorities straight.
Giving is meant for our benefit because sacrificing a portion of our income helps us look outside ourselves and makes us more aware of the needs of others. In fact, one of the main purposes of giving is to support? of the work of the local church. It reminds us that we don’t own anything in this life. God is in control; and we’re onlymanagers of what He has given us.

At Journey of Grace there are several ways to give:
During worship gatherings.
Text GIVE to 989-200-5280 and you will receive a link to send your offering.
Give online, simply and safely.

Click to use SIMPLE GIVE

At Journey of Grace we believe that partnership in the mission is vital to the health of the church. Partnership, also called membership, calls us to a committed participation within the local church body. And it matters! We can do so much more together than we can individually. In the Church of the Nazarene, members elect leaders annually, choose pastors during times of transition, and collectively make important decisions on how the church will do its work in our communities.

The Biblical model for a church is a group of people coming together in Christian community to advance the Kingdom of God on earth! Our members partner with Nazarenes around the world to advance compassionate ministries, education, and missions work in ways we could never do alone. A great first step toward partnership is to attend our Nazarene Essentials class. In this class, we lay out the vision, mission and values of Journey of Grace and the Church of the Nazarene.

I want to learn more about partnership!​​​