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A journey takes you places and allows you to encounter different people, places and things. We believe these encounters can be opportunities where Jesus is inviting us to walk with Him. Everyone is on a journey to somewhere or something and when Jesus invites us to journey with Him, the adventure is life changing. Although the journey is sometimes challenging, it is filled with grace, love and people who are willing to walk along with you.

September 2020 began the most amazing adventure when God brought together five families, led by Pastors Brent and Sharon Norman, and invited them on a journey to make Christlike disciples in Saginaw CharterTownship, MI. With passion and a clear purpose, Journey of Grace Church of the Nazarene was born.

Journey of Grace Naz longs to be a community of people who are welcomed, challenged and transformed. It does not desire to reside in a building but be the Church in the 26 square miles of Saginaw Charter Township and wherever else this journey with Jesus takes us.

Have you been feeling this tug in your heart to help people know Jesus in a deeper and more meaningful way? Are you longing to be a part of discipleship making in a community which understands that the journey with Jesus starts well before we say yes to him?  If so, perhaps God led you here at this moment. If you would like to be a part of launching this new work in our community, let us know! We would love to talk to you.